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Thursday, November 4, 2010

its a great feeling to say 'im home' :

lots going on.
not a lot of blogging.
trying really, really hard to get my craft stuff off the gound.

if you are in nw iowa this weekend [hartley iowa ; november 6] come to the big, massive craft show and check out all my great stuff. stuff that right now!

things are good.
good vibes for my mom would be great right now.

i should be a better blogger.
i started a new blog.
a vegan blog.
its still in the baby-stages.
check it out.
follow me.

 sara, blake and i went to an apple orchard and picked our faces off. pretty sure we brought home 40-45+ lbs of apples.
 i love this picture. id like this floor. and this table.
 annnnd, id like someone to buy me this book so i can decorate a crap-ton of vegan cupcakes.
oh minneapolis, i think youre pretty.