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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

and here is your beginning

I'm not even going to talk about being a bad blogger..

Minneapolis is good. I am reading a lot of books. And sleeping well at night. And sticking to a budget. Wearing warm clothes. Biking most days. And starting to run again. I want to run a half again by spring.

I have big creative goals. I've been selling stuff. And making stuff. I've been sketching and trying to be better.

My mama was here this weekend. Taught me how to sew. Starting to make ponchos for little girls (boys too!) And making super cute onesies. Actually, I have a list of about 10 things I want to start making.

I've been reading a lot of finance, being-your-own-boss, how to be an independent crafter books. I feel like I'm learning stuff. I really, really do want to own my own craft business. It's really what I want to do. It's taken some tweaking and frustrations, but I feel like I am in a better direction now.

Check out my etsy. Tell a few of your friends. And then go back a week later and look at the new stuff. Repeat. Also, if you have friends that have little kids (meatloafs, toddlers, preschoolers) let me know.. Or let them know. These ponchos and onesies are way rad.

Better blogging soon.
With pictures.

Thanks for reading.
Ok, bye.

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