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Monday, January 10, 2011

: dear martha, i want to be your friend :

hi martha,
my name is diana and i want to hang out with you.
i want you to make me vegan cupcakes.
show me how to embroider.
and help me use my sewing machine.

so, i did not actually send this to martha.
but, i do go on her website most days.

i have a great pair of mittens that i bought when i lived in vermont.
ive worn them for years and they now have huge holes in them.

so, i found this
went to the thrift store and bought two sweaters.
and decided to make these!

[see, mom?!?
pretty cool, huh?]

they arent perfect.
but, its the first thing i have made with my sewing machine.
all by myself.
[that is very exciting!]

show me what you make!