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Sunday, January 9, 2011

: jan 9 :

i have a busy work week.
lots of babies.
lots of noise.

friday night, blake and i went and saw the timberwolves play the blazers.
one of us loves basketball.
one of us doesnt.
we both had fun.

yesterday, we went to the kite festival in our neighborhood.
i love being back in minneapolis.
the water is all frozen. people fly kites. fish on the ice. and drink free cider and cocoa.

today, craft-a-thon!
[and, we signed up for a free trial of netflix so we can watch season 5 of bones]

 i am finally learning how to use my sewing machine. look,  i made two notecards out of vintage fabric. neat.
annnnnd, we are csa members and had our first fruit pick-up on friday. look at all this citrus! and four kiwi.

vegan meal how-to coming tonight!