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Friday, February 4, 2011


friday = a lot of posts today.
[i have a lot to say]

so, haiti has a huge place in my heart.
[i know there are a bunch of new readers this month : hi everybody!]
this summer, blake and i spent a month in haiti, helping to haul rubble and deconstruct a boys home that fell in the quake.
we had an incredible trip. we both learned so much. hard work. not a lot of food. no running water. and gosh, people were so amazing to us.
i will never forget this time we were walking in an area that was absolutely r.o.c.k.e.d with rubble and disaster and all these people came out to greet us and try and touch our white skin as we were walking by. this little boy [maybe 5 or 6?] looked right at me and said 'thank you, thank you'. and i lost it. oh, i cried. here is this tiny human that is so thankful for our presence. we live with so much. too much. full of indulgence and all we want is moremoremoremore. and he had a few chickens. and was living in devastation. and he just wanted to say thank you.

so, we talk about haiti all the time. we keep in touch with a lot of the guys we worked with. we read the news and follow their politics. we are always planning our next trip and what we can do to help.

you can help. [please do]

heres how.

for the month of feburary, i am working with world concern. they do amazing things in haiti [and the rest of the world] through world concern, you can purchase mirco loans, buy goats for children so they can learn husbandry, sell the milk and help support their families. you can also buy kits to prevent and control cholera. with your purchase, they have trained educators that work with haitians to dispel rumors and educate. check out their site for waaaaay more opprotunities.

all of that being said, any purchase you make on in my shop from now - feb 28, i am donating 40% OF ALL PURCHASES directly to them. on top of that, blake and i will be MATCHING the donation from our own pockets. haiti is so special to us, and we really believe that we can all make a change for this country.

great idea, but dont need anything from the shop?
thats okay. leave me a comment and i will let you know how to help us. you can also donate directly to world concern. but remember, through us, we will match what you give.

i have new items being added this weekend!
[coasters, baby leg warmers, cozies, oh my!]
remember, i also do custom orders.