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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

: look what i made! :

so, this is so fun.
a few weeks ago, i decided i was going to make a pair of mittens for myself using thick yarn and a small knitting loom.
it took me two weeks to make the thumbs and 1/2 a body of the first mitten.
i got bored and was so far from the pattern, so i decided to make something else.

this cute boy is my man-friend.

he teaches preschool. hes amazing. and challenged. his kids are pretty unfamiliar with music, books, animals and common words, ect.

growing up, my baby sister LOVED this book.
[hi sara!]

so, i had a mitten. [and two thumbs] and a sewing machine. and tons and tons of fabric scraps from my mom [hi mom]
i traced the animals from the book. one side canvas. one side fabric. gave each animals some details. and wrote the name of the animal for picture-word association.

 i think they turned out so cute. im still not very good with my sewing machine. but i had fun making these. and i know b's kids will really enjoy these.