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Saturday, February 5, 2011

: so far ..... :

no picture.
tiny post.
[tired brain]

today was a good day.
i sold two cowls.
and a scarf.

also, i now have some of my favorite photo note cards up for sale at the crow river coffee company in watertown, minnesota. [website]
this is very exciting.

i have some really big plans for great places supporting my work.
[it makes my heart happy to see local businesses supporting artists that are following their hearts]

also, donation update : so far, in the month of feburary, we are donating over $60 to world concern!
this is great. its still the beginning of the month.
you can help.
go here.
find something for somebody that is really cool.
i will do the rest.
[donate 40% of your purchase AND then i will match your donation to world concern]
[not bad]

if there isnt anything you need, then please pass along the info. tell your friends. share the story.