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Monday, February 21, 2011

: day 1 : motivational challenge :

ok, so i have been noticed lately that my confidence has been slipping.
in everything.
in my business.
in my body image.
in finances.
blah blah blah.

i was thinking today :what can i do to get my head out from wherever the crap it is?: :how can i deal with this?:
[disclaimer : i am not miserable in my life. im not crying my butt off. i can just see that my confidence isnt where it use to be. i have noticed when people say : diana, _______ is very cool... i find myself saying :...its not that cool.

so, what am i going to do about it?!?
the 30 day motivational challenge.

each day for the next 30 days, i am going to post ONE thing/sentence about myself that i like/am proud of.
i encourage you to play along. write yours on a piece of paper. on a cardboard box. on your blog. or in the comment section.
we are all amazing humans, and we deserve to feel great about ourselves and our accomplishments.

day 1 : 
yesterday we got 17 inches of snow and 5 more today. i got stuck in the road this morning. and i got out with my shovel and scooped myself out. [i did get a push from a random guy with a shovel] after i got home from work, i couldnt find a parking spot that was cleared, so i parked my car in the road, got out my shovel and scooped myself a parking space.
as i was doing it, i thought : man, i am really strong. 

tell me one positive thing about you!