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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

: motivation challenge : day 2 :

holy crap.
today was stressful.
like, its 8pm and im eating my vegan taco[recipe coming soon] and going to bed.

day two : 
i am really good at knowing when i am at my breaking point and how to remove myself.
[oh buddy. soooo true today]
[bottom line : my job is stressful. its not easy. it can be exhausting. like, so exhausting that i feel like i need to collapse and eat chocolate and take a bath]
today was one of those days. work was really hard. i did my best today, stayed engaged, but also keep a level head. as soon as i came home, i fell into the bath tub for over an hour. i vented to blake for 15 minutes. and that was it. i took a deep breath and let all the stress go. as i have gotten older, i have gotten a lot better at that.

another day without a picture.
maybe tomorrow.