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Sunday, February 20, 2011

: new in town?! :

oh my goodness.
has anybody seen this movie?!
so, this movie was filmed in canada but is set in new ulm, minnesota; which is where i grew up.
new ulm is about 14,000 people, and very german. the heritage is more celebrated than any other place i have ever been/lived.

the movie is not that good [actually, its really not good at all] but oh my, do they play into the stereotypes of minneasotans. the accents are out of control and the clothes & wallpapers are drab and boring. [which really mom, remember the wallpaper in our old house?!?! hahaah] there are a few things that really made us laugh ; fish frys at the vfw, the winter blankets people keep in their cars and their love of baking for neighbors.

if you are from minnesota, what stereotype about us do you think is true?
if you arent from here/have never been here; what do you think of when people say 'minnesota'?