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Monday, February 7, 2011

: feb 7th : today i am thankful for :

my grandpa.
for his memory.
for my memories.
for all the things he did to make me this person.

he has been gone six months now.
its crazy. i still think about him always.
and you have no choice but to keep moving.

six years ago today, my whole family [like, 20+ of us] flew down to arizona in three waves to surprise him for his 80th birthday.
i would like to think that those days, he felt so much love.
he knew how big our hearts were because of his goodness.

he would have been 86 years old today.
my grandma is arizona today.
without her other half.

grandpa, we miss you.

so today, be good to someone.
send a nice postcard [cuz thats soooo much better than facebook]
be good to someone at the store. on the road. in your building.