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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


so, a few weeks ago, i found a million pairs of socks on clearance and started cutting them up.
i have been brain-storming for a couple months now about where to go with my work once we get above freezing and people dont need scarves/hats/cowls anymore. [by the way, i was going to walk to the store to return our redbox tonight and it was -19 wind chill][my snowpants and i got into the car][whooooops]

i have wanted to do something for babies, and this is what i came up with!
i like them. i think they are cute. i have some ideas for my next batch.
go see them here.
also, if you have a specific color or style, let me know.
annnnnnd, through february, 40% of the legwarmers/crawler covers proceeds will go to world concern!

there are more in my shop.

also, i need to post my vegan meal of the week.
but right now, the man of the house is really, really sick. barfy. chills. not eating.
so tonight, i had cinnamon toast and applesauce with chocolate chips.
that post should come once we start eating real foods!