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Saturday, February 19, 2011

: A new cowl, black hair and some silly kids toys :

lazy saturday.
today was spent with books.
not reading them. just touching them. buying them. and checking them out from the library.

this morning, we went to the lib and the rule was : 'diana CANNOT check out ANY books! : [i have about 6 from the library, waiting to be read] : blake found me hiding in the rows this morning and said : uh oh. those are books. you said no books. haha. : [pretty sure i brought home about 4 more books...]

blake bought a macbook today! hooooray. annnnnnd we bought a summer fruit and veggie share from our csa. ANNNNNNND we went to arc's value village. which is like a goodwill, but not.
blake bought $25 worth of goodness for his kids. and i bought 10 [TEN!] books. [seriously, i may be out of control!]

this is the last cowl i am going to make for the season. [but ohhhh, stay turned. there is a HUGE sale in the makin']

cowl. [and somebody has black hair! except where i missed a spot.

and, these are the silly things i made for blake his kids to play with.
 i made a dinosaur play mat. its just a piece of white felt, with clouds, water, a volcano and some silly looking tree-things. based on tutorial found here. and brownish dino found here.
i also made three dinos. i will be making more. they look rough, but ill make more and keep practicing.
 broccoli and cauliflower, anyone?! found the tutorial here
and green beans and butter here. [and mom, i made the edges and the sewing like that on purpose!]

good day.
and now tomorrow the snow totals just keep getting higher and higher.
[ive now heard 15 inches...]