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Saturday, March 5, 2011

: 30 days of lists : day 5 :

i am doing this
today is day 5.

weekend goals:
oh buddy, i'm full. sew all pieces. post. blog. new diy, shannon. bike. wkout. bank. lib. clean. vacuum. bake. fill out forms. dinner w/tracy. thank you card. bath. fabric tags. mckel. plane ticket. to make : onesies. bags. dinos. felt food. capes. laptop case]s] blog buttons.

ha. id love to get all of this done this weekend.
the truth is, a lot of this has been on my list all week.
and really, id love an entire day to just lay around and read. thats it. just read. and eat fruit. and maybe cupcakes.
what are your goals for the weekend?