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Saturday, March 5, 2011

: i totally wanna make that : week 5 :

happy weekend.

last week i decided to make this mobile.
heres mine! 
i think it looks cool from a distance. the photo doesnt really do it justice. there are 3 branches that stick out and give it a real sense of dimension.

i will say this : this was kinda hard. seriously. i used a low-heat glue gun and i had to press each piece of yarn down. it got pretty messy. i used a vintage roll of ribbon that one of my nanny-families gave me last year for holiday. also, i just used yarn scraps that i had around the house. and we had a massive water leak on our block this week, so huge machines ran stuff over, so i found this little branch in the grass. just washed him off and viola!

and for next week :
well, blake just bought a new macbook [yay!] and needs a protective case. especially if we are going to start riding n the next week [fingers crossed!]
so, id like to make him a laptop case. i havent found a specific tutorial that i am loving, but i found a few examples.
here are some front-runners.

sources : 1, 2, 3, 4,

im kinda leaning towards the 3rd one; anybody remember when i made the iphone cozies? i did a few like this..