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Saturday, May 7, 2011

: blog giveaway : and what i did today :

hi everybody!
a) if you are new, WELCOME!
b) if you keep coming back, THANKS!

c) if you want to win a $25 credit for my shop, head over to heathers blog and enter.
[its sooo easy][if you follow my blog, you are AUTOMATICALLY entered, you just have to let her know]

d) today was super rad.
blake and i rode to the FIRST farmers market of the season! then we rode to the living green expo to volunteer for the afternoon. and thennnn, we rode back. it was beautiful out. total miles : 39. my butt is sore! haha
 last night, we rode around the water and got to see the sun set. love it!

 farmers market!

 the river.

 today, we met a girl named erica. and she makes vegan smoothies WITH HER BIKE! so cool. she has a blender wired to her bike, so it blends on pedal power. so very cool.

 biking = planet saver

we were compost/recycling educators. we stood by the bins and showed people what gets composted, trashed, recycled, ect. we had such a good time. and we met some really great humans.

and now, its 845pm and i am going to bed. haha. so cool on a saturday night.