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Sunday, May 29, 2011

: my weekend in photos :

happy sunday!
[is it just me, or do the weekends go waaaay faster than the week?!?!]

this is what my weekend looked like : 

[so, there is a place in portland called voodoo doughnuts][and you  can only get them in portland. they wont ship them. ever. they make crazy, silly doughnuts with weird names and fun toppings]
[our sweet friend emily is here for the weekend [more pictures of her tomorrow!] and she brought us a DOZEN vegan doughnuts!!] [and yes, they are gone already ;)]

my second farmers market of the season!

yesterday, blake and i took a 14 mile bike ride [it was soooo lovely out!] to meet up with some beautiful faces and see some live music.

and because 12 doughnuts arent enough, we had to buy some really amazing chocolate at the co-op today. [soooo goood!]

rei yearly dividend + memorial day sale = a new camping sleeping mat for us!
[total score!]

also, dont tell emily [our amazing friend that brought the doughnuts!] but i made her this cute little piece to hang up in her cute little apartment!
[eeeep! i love it. its a pair of glasses and a bubble that says ...youre so cool!...]
[and emily, if you are reading this : im just kidding. this isnt for you!]

tomorrow = finishing a million projects, packing [we are leaving for VACAY this week!], a long bike ride, brunch with a friend, lunch with a friend, and a nice, hard workout! [and cleaning! we are livin' kinda gross ;)]

and, tell me how you are.
[yes you. the lurker that doesnt comment ;)]
[thanks for lurking reading.]