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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

: vegan meal of the week : week 16 : minneapolis edition :

happy tuesday.

todays meal is kinda cheating is a restaurant post!

galactic pizza has GOT TO BE my favorite place to eat in all of the twin cities.
they have super hero delivery guys [seriously], deliver in electric cars, give you 3d glasses to view the menu, and they donate a percentage of ALL profits to local causes.
not to mention, they have de.LISH pizza.

they have gluten free, meat, veg AND vegan options.

our pizza [my FAVE] was the paul bunyon. 
[all minnesota, baby!]
[vegan] pizza =  homemade tomato sauce, topped with vegan cheese, morel mushrooms, wild rice, and free range [fakin'] bison sausage.

also, dont forget to head over here to check out my guest post on the best [veg] dessert on the planet. 
[not an exaggeration ;)]

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thanks everybody!