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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

: lets make whoopie! [pies] :

so cheesy.
but, i couldnt help it.
[nobody really uses the word ..whoopie..]

i have to share this!
i found this recipe in bon appetit magazine.

i vegannized it and added a little less of some ingredients [veg butter, powdered sugar and sugar]
[if you want to know exactly how i veganized it, let me know, and ill share ;) ]

anyways, here is what mine look like!
[i havent tried them yet]
[the mint filling is REALLY sweet, so i am not sure if i will actually eat them]
[*one thing you dont know about me : i love baking. but i rarely eat what i make. i only like eating the dough/batter. i dont care about the finished product. seriously.]

woo hoo.
[see what i did there?!]
[see the yellow fabric underneath? my mama made those napkins for us]