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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

: i have a big favor to ask you for :

this will only take a second..
[well, the favor will]
[the blog post is kinda wordy..]

so, as most all of you know, i have been working super hard these past 10 months to turn my hobby into a career.
each month, i have been seeing most fans, more followers, more traffic, more custom orders and more sales.
[thanks for that, by the way!]
its been a lot of work. i have definitely cried and gotten stressed, had a few broken needles and cursing-fests, but it has been so, so exciting to see my vision get closer and closer to reality.

right now, i am still working part-time, but will fade out of that job and work on :dianapantz: FULL-TIME starting in the winter!

youre thinking : what is the favor?!

you know this site, right? [you dont? its like a groupon, but for etsy]
well, to be considered, people have to vote on your work.
once enough people say 'yes, definitely' i would buy this rad stuff ; then the heartsy folks get together and decide if the deal should go on the site.

i am hoping you could head over here and check 'yes, definitely'.

i told you, it would only take a minute.

if i get picked, i would offer a pretty large shop credit for half-price.
[not bad, right]
[plus, i have 6 new bags AND a ton of new bow ties coming soon!]

thanks everybody.
i really do appreciate every single person that is helping me along.