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Thursday, October 6, 2011

: a sweet lil' pick me up :

hi everybody!
[can i just say "thanks so much for reading my blog! i really, really appreciate all of you.']

a few weeks ago, i posted that i was feeling a bit overwhelmed in my life.
[with biking, training for our race, running my heartsy deal and working a stressful part-time job, my brain was really stressin']

so the next day, i check my mail and *poof* look at the two amazing things i got in the mail.

i got this card from my grandma and it made me feel so good.
her and i are kindred spirits. we fit so well together. i love my grandma!

and i got this amazing canvas painting from my real-life blog friend allison.
[you can make your own right here]
she ran a giveaway a while back and i was the winner.
it was such amazing timing.

i try really hard to be thankful every day for all the great things in my life. and when things dont go the right way, i try to just breathe through it and remember how lucky i really am.
knowing that people are thinking of me and are there to support me is such an amazing feeling!

have a great day.
and dont be afraid of being the note [or blog comment] that makes somebodys day!