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Friday, October 21, 2011

: insta-friday week 8 : the fall edition :

happy friday everybody!!
i hope your week has been great.
this week ; there has been camping, lots of sickness, baking warm treats and knitting like crazy.
this afternoon, we are headed down to my college town; we are running a 10k tomorrow morning. we kinda gave up on training and our hearts arent in it ; so i think we are hoping to finish without injury..

this is what this week looked like : 

last weekend, we camped on the mn/wi border and toured around. it was 45 degrees ; we ate subway by the fire, slept with slippers on and hiked in 2 feet of fallen leaves.

 we headed to stockholm, wisconsin [population 66!!] and bought some pottery, local beer and fresh baked pie.

 cash payout = $78 million dollars. we didnt win!

 i knit a 44 inch scarf for a custom order ; that thing was so huge ; i might make one for myself.

 i made apple pie donut poppers ; recipe soon!

i have been feeling super icky this week ; so i have been lounging, knitting and watching season 1 of cheers on netflix.

*ALSO : dont forget!!! if you are interested in joining the holiday gift swap, holla atcha girl!!

have a great weekend!
special cycle stories post coming up tomorrow!

life rearranged