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Saturday, October 22, 2011

: cycle stories : week 3 : cristie from city birds nest! :

happy saturday!
i hope you are lovin' cycle stories as much as i am.
[read week 1 and week 2]

today, we have cb from city birds nest! i have got to say ; the colors on her blog [and her clothes] are so fun!

take it away girl! : 
1) Who are you? 
hi! i'm cb from city birds nest ;  the lady behind the pictures and the lady on my two wheeled mixte. i'm 28 and living a great creative life with my best friend and husband.

2) Where do you bike? Is it bike friendly? Are their trails, bike lanes, ect? How often do you ride? 
Where do you go?
we live in the bay area of california. the bay area is a super bike friendly place! tons and tons of places to ride to! we can go somewhere urban or out in the sticks or up a huge mountain. i ride everyday ;  i am a commuter but you will also find me on the back of our tandem gilbert ;  going on longer rides or camping.

What tips do you have for bikers? Where did you get your bike? What gear do you use? 
if you are new to the biking world, take it easy. start small and build confidence, and then go out and conquer that pavement. don't let other people make you feel intimidated ;  you are out there and that is all that matters! whether you ride a cruiser, a road, mountain or fixed gear bike, you should be proud of the steps you have taken to get on two wheels and do what's good for you, your body and our planet! i have had many bikes but my newest is a soma buena vista. we bought the frame off of craigslist and tom put it all together for me. love my man! he knows how to make his lady happy :D currently, i just have a rack and an oil cloth pannier that hooks onto my rack. since i ride rain or shine, this bag works great for 

4) Anything else fun to share? 
if you can, get active in your bike community! tom and i go on group rides and have also participated in brevets, which are self supported recreational rides that are timed. they are fun, challenging but also extremely rewarding. we are also really lucky to have two bike parties here in the bay area. every month a HUGE group of all types of bikes and riders come out and we enjoy a night bike ride around the different parts of the city

Show us a photo of you and your sweet ride. 
here is me and my sweet love, kiki!

thanks diana for having me here on your sweet blog and letting me share a bit here!
xo, cb
isnt she cute?! i love all those outfits!
thanks girl!
be sure to check out her blog AND her cute etsy shop!