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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

: how about a big, fat discount code?!? :

hi everybody!
i have decided to forgo my 'i totally want to make that' post this week and share a few photos of what i have been working on lately.

did you read this post last week? [go ahead and read it. i will wait ;)]
are you back?!

so, today [november 9th, 2011] marks the first day [ever] that i am officially a full-time business owner.
right now. today. i run :dianapantz: full-time. [my heart feels so big right now!]

i thought, to celebrate ; i could share a few of my favorite products in the shop.
[and then give you a rad discount code ;)]

i have another big show this weekend, so i will be posting more winter wear next week!

so lets celebrate [and help me buy groceries ;)] type in FIRSTDAY20 to save 20% on any&all items in the shop!

thanks so much for being so great ; i appreciate all of it ;)
and heres to a new beginning! [wheeeeeeee]

also, head over to meagans blog! i sent her a cowl [and her photos are adorbs!] AND i am offering a $15 credit to one of her readers ; head over and enter!!