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Thursday, November 10, 2011

: wanna take a bath?! : bubble bath dough product review :

happy thursday!
are you having a good week?!?
[today is my 'day two' of working from home and i am lovin' it] [i might even get dressed today ;)]

so, are you a heartsy member?!
[this is my sign up link ; if you buy something through my link, i get a credit]
heartsy is a daily deals site that features only smaller hand-made businesses ; most of whom sell on etsy.
i am a VIP member and buy stuff quite often.

a while back, i found red leaf bath and body through heartsy.
i bought a container of bubble bath dough.

what is it?!?
it is what it sounds like.
its a thicker putty that you can mold in your hands.
you turn on the water [remember, you are taking a bath, not just playing with play-doh]
put the dough under and you get a really sweet smelling, super-bubble bath.

i bought red grapefruit, but they sell in a bunch of other scents too [lettuce, black tea, WASABI!, and vanilla buttercream are a few of the others]

ive taken a few baths with this so far, and ive gotta say, i will def buy more in the future!
their shop is full of other [mostly vegan!] great bath products, as well.
lots of mens gifts, too.
[i always find guys are so hard to buy for!]

check out red leaf bath and body on etsy & on facebook for great deals.

*disclaimer : i purchased these products with my own money. i am not getting anything in return for my review. i am doing this review because i enjoy responsible businesses that create great products*