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Friday, November 11, 2011

: insta-friday week 10 :

happy friday!
what are you doing this weekend?
[today, i am pre-blogging, making two custom orders and getting ready for tomorrow. tomorrow is a craft fair [fingers crossed!] and sunday, i am taking a needle felting class! i am super excited to learn to felt!]

this week has been good! i have been working from home wednesday, thursday AND today ; i have gotten so much done AND it feels so, so great to know that i am following my dream!

this is what this week looked like : 

last weekend, i had a craft fair and sweets bakeshop was there. at the end of the day, they sold 6 mini-cupcakes for $2!! [and if you live in mpls/st paul and are looking for a fun afternoon with FREE sweets cupcakes, head here]

 im halfway done with the 30 day shred. now that i am not biking as much, i need to make sure i keep movin' my body!

remember a few weeks ago, i posted about klout? well, this week, i got three vegan energy bars in the mail from my klout perks from two degrees. do you know this company?! for each bar you buy, the company provides a nutrition pack to a hungry child. a company that is responsible to kids, animals and the environment? ummm, they have my support!

 mint dark chocolate chips + peanut butter ; melted on top of bananas = soooo good.

 i have made 6+ new cowls this week ; i am c.r.u.i.s.i.n' [all new winter wear will be up in the shop on sunday!]

see my november blogging schedule? and applesauce with chocolate chips, and lots and lots of pre-blogging.

i hope you have a great weekend ; i have two great sponsors guest posting this weekend!
thanks for reading.

also, dont forget to type in FIRSTDAY20 to save 20% on everything in the shop!
[ends TONIGHT ; also, the shop closes tonight and will reopen with NEW items on sunday!]
[annnnnd, i am TWO sales away from 250 ; #250 gets a fun little gift ;)]