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Thursday, December 29, 2011

: 2012 goals :

wooo hoo!
it is almost 2012.
i *just love* the feeling of a new year.
a new calendar. a new set of goals.
the opportunity to take big chances. to make changes. to believe in yourself.

so, what better than to get ready for january than a new set of 2012 goals?!?
i also asked my sponsors what they were planing to accomplish in the new year.

here we go!
in 2012, i want to do these things : 
1) stop swearing [oh my goodness, i need to get on this!]
2) make 400 sales

3) start // finish insanity
4) start // finish p90x
5) pay off $5,000 in school debt

6) apply // get accepted into renegade & no coast
7) go snowshoeing
8) read 70 books [that is a lot of books ;)]

9) finish 90-95% of 1001 things

10) open 4-7 certificates of deposit // stocks // bonds to continue planning for our future
11) sew my first-ever quilt!

here is my 2011 goals recap : 
1) i want do reach my 18-22% body fat. [havent been tested yet, but i am getting closer!]
2) get my website up.
have a bunch of readers.
blog daily.
post new things weekly.

3) buy an slr camera. [not done ; still not sure if i want one?!]
4) buy and pay off my apple macbook.

5) take a trip to washington dc [to see sho and nick carter!]

and north carolina [to see b's family]

and m.a.y.b.e. go to florida to see the hp themepark.

6) have AT LEAST $4,500+ paid off in loans/school debt
7) sign-up, train and successfully run [and complete!] 2 half-marathons. [ran 1 10k]

8) continue on my vegan journey and get to 98%+ vegan.
[id say i am 90%+ there]

9) find at least one charity/cause to volunteer and donate to [we love world concern, 88bikes, charity : water]
10) [maybe go back to haiti?!?]

not bad ; 6/10

in 2012 :

katie wants to learn to crochet!

amanda wants to complete the couch potato to 5K running plan.

allison is planning to run more often to train for the Warrior Dash next summer.

kadie wants to exercise more while pregnant and then continue to work out after the babe.

and liz wants to learn to knit

i am dying to know ; what are your goals for the year?!?!