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Friday, December 30, 2011

: insta-friday week 16 :

did you have a good week?
we just got back to minneapolis after a WHOLE WEEK of being in iowa.
i havent been home that long in years ; it was great.

this week was super mellow. lots of goals, lists, working out, walking dogs and reading books.
and showering! my parents have the best shower upstairs ;)

this is what my week looked like : 

my mom made *both* coffee cake & monkey bread vegan! with 6 of us at the table, the monkey bread was gone in 15 minutes ;)

gifts i received this year ; blogged here
[i got a lot of really great & thoughtful gifts this year!]

 gifts i gave this year ; blogged here

 we are dogsitting for friends for 2 weeks ; we threw on some antlers and took a little holiday photo for their owners ;)

 lots of reading! can you see the black dog tucked under my blanket?!

 and blogging!

  and this is what iowa looks like at the end of december. never in my life have i seen a winter like this. this weekend is suppose to hit *50!!!! its pretty though, right?

 we visited my dad in small town minnesota yesterday and just had to buy 12 of the best donuts on the planet. [these are *not* vegan, but i totally risk a tummy-ache for these bad boys 1-2x a year!]
i grew up eating these donuts and they remind me of 'home' and being a kid! and they taste ah-maaaz-ing!
[if you are in southern mn ; check out the backerei here]

 i am thankful for good friends and gift cards to expensive restaurants ;)

and next on my reading list? tons and tons of beverly cleary [one of my 101 in 1001 is to read 15 of her books!]

i am linking up here!
life rearranged

i hope you have a great [and safe] weekend.
see you in 2012 ;)