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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my workout plan : INSANITY!

happy wednesday!
are you getting excited for a new year?!
[no fear ; i already have all my goals ready to go ;)]

today i wanted to share my newest fitness endeavor ; insanity!

if you have been reading the blog for a while, you know i love healthy living.
blake and i are pretty active. we walk, run races, ride bikes, and do push-ups before bed.

minnesota is known for its cold & snowy winters [as i am looking out the window, its 37* with NO snow on the ground ;)]
when summer is around, i have no problem riding for hours and spending time outside.
once winter hits, its big sweatshirts, snow boots and winter mittens.
i wanted to try something new this winter to keep me in shape and to really [really] push my body.

in the past two years, i have really come to enjoy my body and be confident in all the things my body can do. i definitely have days where i get a bit discouraged with certain features, but it never lasts long.
i really enjoy pushing my limits and making my body as strong as i can.

anyways, are you familiar with insanity?
its a 60 day workout plan only sold online [from the same folks that made p90x]. its known as the most intense fitness dvd ever made. you do it 6 days a week & its 40 minutes per day.
let me tell you ; it is hard [i still have to take a break during the warm up]

so blake and i are on day 15 [woo hoo!] and i wanted to share my reward system with you.
on day 1 we took 'before' photos and i will be sharing my 30, 45 & 60 day photos with you.
why not day 15?
well, while i feel stronger [i really do!] and look a bit leaner, nothing huge has happened yet.
so i will be back in two weeks with real photos [of me. in my underpants][unless i chicken out]

as someone who likes goals, structure and planning, with every plan [work, fitness, life, ect], i always give myself a reward system.
because i feel like i am motivated to work harder ; and to be honest, i never, ever [ever!] buy anything for myself unless its directly related to my business.
the goals i picked for myself are really a way to spoil myself.

here we go ; 
*for completing day 15/60 ; i will buy myself a pair of [$5] bright colored leg warmers from target [i couldnt find a photo online, but they are cute ;)]
*day 30/60 ; i will treat myself to a facial at the aveda school [i have a gift certificate ;)]
*day 45/60 ; i will treat myself to a 60 minute massage at the aveda school [again, i earned a free certificate!]
*day 60/60 ; i will treat myself to a $200 shopping spree at our local outlet mall [seriously! 95% of my clothes are thrifted, second hand, 4+ years old and/or have holes][i would *LOVE* to treat myself with something new]
*and the workout is actually 63 days long, so on day 63, blake and i will use a voucher and go out to dinner!

wish us luck!
have you tried insanity? how do you like to workout?
annd how do you reward yourself for hard tasks?!