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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

: christmas recap 2.0! : what i received : and a winner! :

are you good?
did you see my post yesterday about what i gave my friends and fam for christmas? check it out here.
today, i want to share what i received this year.

but first, a winner! #11 ; angel won the cute horseshoe necklace from chrys! congrats!

i have got to tell you ; i felt really lucky this year. if you have been reading for a while, you know that i am super frugal and practical. i loved my gifts this year and really appreciate my family for going out of their way to meet my 'green' ways.

this is what i got : 

1) a gift basket full of 'my' food from my mother! whole wheat pasta, avocados, mango, pomegranates, craisins, fiber and pasta sauce. soo cool, right?!
2) toms toothpaste
3) almond oatmeal soap found here ; i bought one for my mom and she bought one for me ;)
4) plastic needles for knitting
5) seventh gen dish soap [if you dont use this, i *highly* recommend it!]
6) a bunch of yarn my sister found at a thrift store [LOVE it!]
7) this camera!!! blake bought me the *new* diana camera ; i have had it one my list of years!

8) film for my *new* camera
9) an indoor crocus kit ; so cool. three crocus bulbs and a few really rad vases
10) new underpants
11) a picture frame made from old bike chains!
12) epsom salts for the bath tub!
not pictured : another year subscription to veg news magazine & these two e-courses from elsies shop. [dream job & blog love]

i feel super lucky!
tell me ; what was your favorite gift this year?!