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Saturday, January 14, 2012

my 30 day photos : INSANITY workout!!

happy saturday.

can i be honest here?
i am super nervous to share my photos.
like, really nervous.

well, you cant see a huge change.
you will probably zero in on my middle and my thighs and think 'shes been busting her ass for an hour a day and this is the result?!?!'
also, i didnt measure myself and i dont believe in using a scale ; so i dont have any 'numbers' for you.

but see, i have been busting my ass. working really hard. doing every workout. eating lots and lots of fruit and veggies. eating lunch everyday [i get into the 'work zone' and dont always stop and eat]. drinking my workout shake. taking vitamins every morning. and focusing on how i feel.

and so while you might not see a huge difference in the photos, i can feel a big difference.
you cant see how defined my triceps and biceps are when they are in 'resting' position. and my calves are super cut, my workout pants are fitting better. i am sleeping like a baby. and i feel really strong. i am pushing myself now in ways that i wasnt a month ago.

this is a 60 day program, which means we have a month left.
i feel great. my endurance is building and i know that i am changing my body.
my only real goals for this program are to tone up and push hard.
i dont care about a pant size or a number on the scale.
i know that i am able to push hard and get my body into peak shape ; so whatever that looks like, that is my goal.

day 1 // day 30
also, i am wearing the same thing to get an accurate vision of my body. we all have those underwear that pinch more than others ;) 

also, if you plan on leaving a comment [please do!], remember that even though i am posting half-naked pictures of myself, know that i do have feelings. so, if you plan on saying something mean, please dont. this is a positive space. by posting these, i am keeping myself accountable, but also hoping to inspire other women to push themselves and feel comfortable in their bodies!

*all three of the images are all over the internet, but i have looked and looked and *cannot* find original sources!!* if you can help, please leave it in the comments and i will update the sources right away! ;)

thanks for reading!!