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Friday, January 13, 2012

: project 365 : week 2 :

happy friday!
did you have a great week?
things were good here ; super slow on the business front, which gave me tons of time to run errands i have been putting off forever and cleaning up our place.

today, i am heading to the aveda school to redeem a gift certificate for a FREE FACIAL as a reward for finishing 30 days of insanity.
insanity is still going well ; stop back tomorrow to see my 30 day progress photos and my recap so far.
[hint : i am lovin' it!]

this is what this week looked like : 

 it was 52* here this week. no ice = bike rides!!!

 new headband in the shop! : do you see my bright blue nails? ;)

 used this tutorial for blueberry citrus glazed donuts ; my donut pin board is here

 anybody else have one of those tart-warmer things? we bought one on clearance, with a coupon & a giftcard ;) ; we really enjoy ours!

 blake and i took a great 12 mile bike ride around the lakes.

linking up here this week!

what are your plans for the weekend?