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Sunday, January 15, 2012

: my top 10 FAVORITE blogs! :

hey everybody!
today, i wanted to share some of my favorite blog reads.

one of my favorite things about the blog community is how connected everyone is.
on the other hand, sometimes i feel like circles are so connected that we all keep seeing the same 10-15 blogs.

so, all of these blogs have broadened my horizons and totally inspired, and i just had to share ;)

my top 10 fave blogs [in no specific order!]

1) gala darling  ; she has a great site about taking care of you! tons of color and fantastic photos. when i was in chicago this summer, i got to hear her speak and i really enjoy her blog // mission.

i love sarah's blog. i do. i honestly get this huge feeling of hope and goodness when i am on her site. she has a feature called 'true story' where she interviews folks with incredible pasts//jobs//futures. such a fun site.

amanda runs both a shop and a blog. her prints//cards are hilarious. and her blog is the #1 reason i want an slr camera when i win the powerball. her photos and diy projects are beautiful.

when i went to chicago this summer for the 20sb conference, jenny was one of the first folks to introduce herself. her blog is great. her goal is to wake folks up and get them doing what they love! tons of resources, tips and reality! if you are busy, goal-minded and want to do what you love, this is a great site.

ohhh, ijustknow that leigh-ann & i would be buddies if we had the chance to meet ;) her blog is great ; vintage housewares, mad web design skills, a great attitude and fun diys. and i am totally sponsoring her blog this month ;)

another great blog with tons [and tons!] of resources and inspiration for indie-biz owners, photographers and crafty folks. a while back, i went all the way back to page 1 of amy's blog [there are 68 pages of posts] and read seriously! so many great resources.

again, another fun blog with clean lines, great projects and beautiful photos. i really love her 2011 'best of' list.

this blog is *full* of incredible photos and super great vegan recipes. not veg? check it out. these recipes taste great, are easy to do and you don't have to spend money on tons of ingredients you've never heard of!

rachels blog is one of my daily reads! her style! and her home! and the projects! if you haven't checked out her page yet, please do ;)

oh this blog is beautiful. kyla documents her self-employment journey, goals, recaps & *so much* inspiration!!! def one of my top reads.

i really, really do hope you hop around and fall in love some new [to you!] blogs.
tell me ; what are your favorite blog reads?!