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Saturday, January 28, 2012

45 day INSANITY recap

happy saturday!
youre good, right?

you know that blake and i are doing the insanity workout, yes?
well, its a 63 day program and on monday, we will have 45 days under our belt.

you can read my 15 day recap here.
and you can see my 30 day progress photos here.

i am not sharing photos today ; but wanted to talk a bit about our journey. what it takes. and how we fuel our bodies.
why no photos?
well, a) its only been 15 days since i last shared. and b) i am totally seeing more definition, but want to wait another 15 days so i can totally blow your socks off. ;)

so let me start by saying : this workout is hard. honestly. i take so many breaks throughout each and every workout. [heck, the super-ripped people in the videos take a bunch of breaks!!]
do i think you can do it?
i do. yes i do.
blake and i work out in the living room of our small two bedroom apartment.
you dont need weights, exercise balls or anything fancy.
we wear underwear [we sweat like crazy!!], use yoga mats and go barefoot.

i think more than strong muscles, you need determination. and a workout buddy.
[i am almost sure that i would never have gotten this far if i didnt have blake 'you can do it'-ing me during the really hard parts of the workout.]
also, i made myself a goal sheet with each week, workout and reward listed.
as soon as we finished that workout, i crossed it off.
it sounds very elementary, but being able to see how hard i am working is very motivating.

at day 45, what results am i seeing?!
well, my shoulders are looking ridiculous [if i may say so myself]. they are really toned ; along with my biceps, triceps and forearms.
[when we started, i could do about 10-15 knee push-ups at a time. i can now do 8 no-knee push-ups with really great form!]
my upper thighs are getting super strong, along with my bottom.
also, i havent lost a lot of the fat around my middle, but my stomach and upper waist are becoming much more defined. and i can totally feel my abs when i am moving/laughing/singing along to justin bieber.

and most importantly, i am feeling great. i feel strong. and healthy. i am doing a great thing for my body [and my heart]. i am pushing myself everyday. i am doing moves now that i couldnt do 4 weeks ago ; that is pretty cool.

what are we eating?
insanity comes with a food guide, but it contains meat//dairy, so blake and i just eat the same things we always eat.
we drink protein powder [25grams] during/after the workout.
we eat whole grains [lots of quinoa & cous cous], lots and lots of fruits and veggies, and dessert.
if you have been reading for a while, you know that i do not believe in dieting, cleanses or obsessive calorie counting.
i think all of them [can] make you an enemy of your own body, and i refuse to do that to myself.
if your brain isnt healthy, your body never will be.
i am a firm believer in chocolate//dessert [every day]
i eat well & i fuel my body with natural foods ; and that includes dark chocolate and dairy-free ice cream/sorbet.
one of my faves?
any and all fruit dipped in dark chocolate [even better if you freeze it!]

stay tuned ; i am super excited to share my photos for day 60.
which is so crazy, cuz i was so nervous about posting my 1 month photos!

take care of yourself.
see you tomorrow.

*i cant find the original source for the first picture [darn pinners!!!]*
*if you can find it, let me know*