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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 32 :real life pinterest board :

happy wednesday!
did you have a good day yesterday?!?
blake surprised me with a print that i have been dreaming of for months & some bubble bath dough.
[more on all of this soon ;)]

today my project is pretty easy.
we get tons of magazines at our place.
[runners world. womens health. mens health. veg news. mps/st paul mag. fitness. bicycling. whole living.]
i like to read & re-read them. and then donate them to the local womens prison.

while reading them, i usually tear out articles // recipes // tips // products i dont want to forget about.
well, i had a massive folder with everything in it & its hard to remember what i had in there.

project to the rescue?!
a real life pinterest board.
[my pinterest board is here]

i used a hole puncher, scrapbook paper, adhesive, scissors, 2 metal rings [to bind the pages] & cardboard letters // scrapbooking  embellishments.

pomegranate face scrub!

i organized all the articles into categories ; food, travel, mn travel/events, volunteer organizations, beauty diys & misc.

i have boots & workout gear that i love.


it turned out pretty cute. the metal rings open & close, so i can add new pages.

what are you working on?