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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

: valentines day gift swaps :

happy valentines day!
are you doing anything special today?!
blake and i will probably make a simple supper, maybe a vegan cupcake [or two!] and workout.
we really are that exciting in real life.
[we are getting super close to finishing insanity ; that is exciting!!]

last winter i hosted the :dianapantz: holiday gift swap!
i had a lot of fun with it, but i never gave myself a partner. instead i sent a small ornament to each participant.

so when i heard there were a couple of valentines day gift swaps happening around the internet, i totally wanted to participate.

swap #1)
hosted by becky & olive
my partner : christy ann
what i sent :

journal & pack of cards , 'radish' note tag, face scrubbie [this etsy shop is now closed], photo, bar of caramel soap [koisan soap company] & novelty door hanger

what i received : 

2 hand painted mirrors + a vintage valentine. i LOVE the purple one.  [and yes i am wearing my bathrobe ;)]

swap #2)
hosted by caroline & alissa
my partner : beth [blog here]
what i sent : 

'eggplant' note tag, face scrubby [this shop is now closed], photo, hair pins, notebook, novelty door hanger, lip tint from clinique

what i received :

 bar of dark chocolate, burts bees, alba lip balm and two [super cute] hair pins beth made herself!

fun, right?
how about you?
anything good in the mail lately!!?