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Friday, February 17, 2012

: insta-friday week 19 :

happy friday!!
big plans for the weekend?
on sunday, we will have insanity FINISHED!!
so excited. i will be posting my [underwear] progress photos on saturday & we will do our last workout sunday morning.
to celebrate?! 
veggie sushi at our favorite place!

i am still participating in this february photo challenge.
this is what my week looked like!

makes you happy : finishing *really hard* insanity workouts!!

inside your closet : look at all those american apparel sweatshirts!

blue : mmmm. breadsmith! local bakery chain with the.most.amazing.babka!! [blake surprised me with TWO loaves!!]

heart : i have been dreaming about this print for months & blake surprised me with it for valentines day!

phone : [forgive the dirty mirror!] & what did we do before our phones had cameras?!?

something new : MY NEW CAMERA LENS!! i bought it a month ago & have been waiting anxiously awaiting the body! but isnt she b e a u t i f u l ?!?

time : laying in bed with a good book & a dog on your lap = great way to spend time!

life rearranged
have a great day, everybody!!