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Saturday, February 18, 2012

: 60 day insanity PHOTOS & a recap :

hey everybody!!
today, i am ready to share my insanity photos with you.

you can read my 15 day recap here.
30 days here [with photos!].
and 45 day recap here.

so lets get to it, right?
here is my 60 day photo!

and the fun part?
here are my day 1, day 30 & day 60 photos side-by-side.

[i apologize for the small photo, i had a hard time editing the photos together!]
you can see a difference right?
[i can see a difference in my arms! my abs are more defined and after a WHOLE life of having thighs with NO definition, i can f i n a l l y see some muscles forming!!]

i absolutely recommend insanity! it is hard. its 2 months long. you get one day off a week. if you want to push yourself and really change the composition of your body, this is a great place to start.

whats next?
we are starting p90x this week.
i want to be leaner. i want to be able to do 20+ no-knee push-ups with near perfect form. i want to get stronger.

i know that my results arent ridiculous. 
i didnt drop 4 jean sizes or lose 20 pounds.
i worked out for an hour a day. i pushed hard & sometimes took extra breaks.
i ate dessert, drank water [not always enough!] and tried to get enough sleep.
i am proud of my results. i am proud of myself.

i am a real person. with a busy schedule. no diet pills. no crazy food patterns. 
just a normal person who pushed hard. and got real results. and never missed a workout!

i think as women & society, we really want to do something for a certain amount of time & *poof* fix all of our issues//flaws//insecurities. so, we want to see earth-shattering results.
and when we dont see those results [on ourselves or others], we think 'well, it will certainly never work for me.' and the cycle begins again.

this is what real, gradual results look like. its not a quick fix. if i want to get leaner, i need to continue to push my body. it really is a lifestyle change. i plan on being fit and healthy for my entire life ; which means i need to work hard for the rest of my life.

i am proud of my results. no doubt, i am stronger now than i was 60 days ago. i know my pictures arent dramatic, but i can see a difference. i can feel a difference. and i am proud of what i have accomplished.

what is your favorite way to work out?!
[thanks for reading]

and again, i am sharing these photos as a way of celebrating my progress and holding myself accountable. id love to read your comments, but please keep it positive.