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Saturday, March 10, 2012

101 things in 10001 days : an update :

happy saturday!
its suppose to be 60* here.
in march!!
we have had a super mild winter, but the idea of 60*s makes me so happy.

so, if you have clicked around on the links above, you have [maybe] read through my 101 things in 1001 days.

a year an a half ago, i picked out 112 things i wanted to accomplish in 2 1/2 years.
my time is up in december [i know, i have a while], but i wanted to do a quick recap of the items i plan on completing in the next month or two.

[also, i updated photos of *most* of the completed items yesterday] 

i want to complete these things between now and may : 

11) spend 3+ hours on my bike in uptown/downtown mpls [and photo-document]
15) learn to change a bike tire
19) write an ebook!!!

28) shoot 'a day in the life' with all polaroid
39) tap maple syrup
46) read 15 beverly cleary books [7/15]
54) read all narnia books in a row
58) make home made hummus
60) ride my bike 30 days in a row
64) send before and after insanity photos to beachbody to get my 'insanity' t-shirt
80) re-watch every episode of the biggest loser
91) take 45 pictures of MPLS in one day
110) bike the entire chain of lakes in a day

tell me : what do you want to do in the next couple of months?!