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Sunday, March 11, 2012

: ask a vegan : week 5 : vegan beauty products :

happy sunday!
are you having beautiful weather?!
[us. too!]

today i wanted to talk about vegan beauty products.
i think one of the hardest things about cutting out [or reducing] animal products from your life is in the beauty department.
there are *so many* companies that test on animals or use different animal parts // products ; it can be super confusing to know what you are actually putting on your body.

what will you find here?!
you will find a HUGE list of companies that DO NOT test on animals, a list of companies that DO test on animals // use animal products & some examples of really, really great veg beauty products.

*make sure you pin // bookmark this post ; there are TONS of links!*

so what types of animal ingredients are in NON-vegan beauty products?
beeswax, lanolin [from sheep], lard [animal fat!], silk, fish scales [in some lipsticks], carmine or cochineal [coloring made from ground insects] & milk or whey products.

your skin is SO important ; i really encourage you to be mindful of what you put on it!

deodorant // toothpaste // mouthwash 

my favorite brand of toothpaste // deodorant // mouthwash?
toms of maine! 
hands down!

the great news is that you can now find it most places [walgreens, walmart, target, ect].
it is a bit pricey, BUT its natural, vegan, not tested on animals AND easy on your skin // mouth.
also, toms gives 10% of ALL profits to charity AND all employees get 12 days off a year to volunteer.

JASON also carries toothpaste.
its strong, but feels great on your mouth!

other great vegan deodorants?
bubble & bee, earth science & lavanila [not all of their products are 100% veg ; research your ingredients]

masks, cleansers & toners
this site has a great list of products 

here is a long list of cruelty-free cosmetics.

do you use MAC cosmetics?
here is a list of all of their vegan products.

urban decay, vegan essentials & origins [check out their cute ingredient showcase] are all great cosmetic lines.

the body shop 
the body shop has been 100% vegetarian since 2009, BUT is not 100% vegan.
they use 4 animal derived ingredients in some products, so you can search for those.
here is a quick video from their site.

i absolutely adore aveda. i have used them for years & years.
i contacted aveda & found this great list of products that are & are not vegan.
they are a minnesota-based company with *such* a great mission.
*also* one of their teaching schools is here in town which means $10 haircuts & $30 massages!

do you have a trader joes near you?!
they have tons of affordable vegan products.
tj's tea tree tingle shampoo & conditioner ; tj's facial cleansing pads, tj's lavender salt scrub & nature's gate organic lemongrass liquid hand soap.

companies that DO NOT test on animals
here is a super long [and helpful] list

companies that DO test on animals
this is a really great resource [file is a pdf]
*after reading through this list, we definitely have a few of these companies in our bathroom closet.*
this is a super eye-opening list ; i highly suggest you read it.
[a while back, we had a coupon for 'green works' toilet bowl cleaner. we *always* use seventh gen, but decided to try this]
THEY ARE ON THE LIST! a 'green' product that was created to save the planet & animals and they actually TEST on animals.

so what do you do if you already own some of these products?
*well, you can throw them away [kinda wasteful, i think].
*you can donate them if they are unopened.
*OR you can use them up & then pledge to find a better alternative when you are ready to buy more.

and as always ; there is etsy
just search 'vegan cosmetics' and you will have 2000+ items to search through!

what do you think?
have any other veg beauty products i missed?

have an 'ask a vegan' question?
email me at dianapantz[at]gmail[dot]com