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Sunday, March 18, 2012

: ask a vegan : week 6 : feminine products : [GIRL TALK!]

happy sunday!
did you see my new blog header?!?
we rode 35+ miles yesterday [i got SUNBURNED!] & took a bunch of great photos.

so, lets talk about our periods!
*disclaimer* just like the vegan sex post, i know that some folks are sensitive about talking about 'private' topics. i ask that you use good manners & stop back tomorrow!

*also note* this topic is a little more 'planet-friendly' than 'go vegan' ; but making smarter choices never hurt anybody, right?!

first ; lets talk about 'traditional, conventional' tampons.
they are made of cotton, right?
cotton that has been sprayed for pesticides, insecticides, soaked in bleach [!] and contain tons of chemicals.
think about this!
in one of the most sensitive areas of your body. all those chemicals!

also, lets talk about waste.
ready? [these should will blow your mind]
1) the average woman will use 17,000 [!!] tampons in her life.
2) over 74 MILLION women use tampons.
3) the average women will spend $150-200 a YEAR on feminine hygiene products!
4) annnnnnd you know those cute, pink plastic applicators?
you know they dont biodegrade, right?!
[so they just hangout in landfills FOREVER]

okay. how can we make a difference?
[i have a few great options & my own personal picks]

want to continue using pads, pantiliners & tampons?!
here are two great [vegan & eco-friendly] choices.

natracare - compostable, biodegradable & non-toxic! they are ONLY made with sustainable resources.
totally vegan [tested on humans & contain NO animal products] also, there are no 'special' smells or dyes, which means if you have sensitive skin, these are perfect. these are a bit pricey, BUT you are saving the planet, animals, reducing waste & being great to your bod.

seventh generation - might be the most 'recognizable' brand. i have used their panitliners & pads before. they are a bit bulky, but are made WITHOUT chlorine and the 'pad' part of the pad is derived from wheat. their website is super helpful & under each product, there is a 'review' section, so you can see what 'real people' are saying.
their tampons are made with organic cotton [which means there was no spraying or bleach soaking done]

not a fan of tampons or pads? want to reduce ALL feminine product waste & save tons [and tons] of money?
how about the divacup?

what is it?
its a silicone cup that you insert & it 'catches' the blood.
once its full [you really only need to empty it about 2x a day], you dump it out, rinse it & re-insert it.
there is no waste, its easy on your body [no rashes!] & is reusable for YEARS.
[i do recommend a pantiliner with the diva cup for the first few days of your period OR if you are new to using it]

i have used the divacup for about 4 years now & have a) saved TONS of money & b) definitely helped the planet.

the price?
about $30 & is good for years and years and years.

my only complaints?
the first few months of using it were a bit confusing & complicated. the insertion can be tricky & if you dont do it correctly, you can leak through.
also, it can be messy.
BUT given those two things ; i would say that i really do advocate for the diva cup.

yesterday i posted about winning a 6 month subscription to good & lovely. each month, they send you a box of goodies to relieve cramps, stress and the overall 'blah' feeling of having your period!

there ya go!
thoughts? questions?

have a question about vegan living?
send me an email [dianapantz[at]live[dot]com

and check out the other 'ask a vegan' posts here.