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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 34 : my top 5 spring tutorials :

lets talk spring!!
most of you have probably been experiencing high temps & green grass, but here?
here we just hit 50* for the first time yesterday.
[woo hoo! ; i rode 12 miles and it felt a m a z i n g!!]

we are dogsitting right now & i dont have tons of my crafting materials here so i decided to share my top 5 tutorials for spring! all of these projects are cute, easy & dont take tons of time!

1) vintage fabric garden markers! arent these adorbs?!?! prefect for all of you *lucky* enough to have an outdoor garden. OR use them in your mini-pot window sill garden.

2) an easter // spring themed garland made with paint chips!!

3) make your own lip balm with 2 ingredients. *vegan note* : the ingredients are kool-aid [vegan] & vaseline [not vegan ; unilever tests products on animals]. want to make it vegan? try coconut oil.
note : i have not made this with coconut oil, but i am sure gonna try ;)

4) got a babe coming? upcycle a few of your [or your partners!] favorite shirts into onesies, hats & other baby clothes.

5) robins egg centerpiece [she prices this diy at $11 ; but joanns coupons and thrift store deals can make this a bit more affordable]

fun, right?
whats your favorite thing about spring?!