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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 35 : fabric colored band-aids :

happy wednesday!

ready for a super fun craft!?

i found this tutorial a while back for fabric covered band-aids.
such a cute idea!

these would be great for a diy camping // first aid kit, perfect for bikers // runners [cuz we all carry small first aid kids, right?! & a fun project for young kids.

all you need is double-sided tape, fabric scraps, fabric band-aids & a scissors.
note : i highly suggest fabric band-aids ; the ones that are a bit more coarse & double stick tape.
i used the cheap band-aids and scrapbook adhesive & it took me a  l o o o o n g time.

but, they are cute, right?!?!
i made 10 in an hour, but if you used double-stick tape ; i bet you could double that!