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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

: make new friends! :

happy tuesday!
its suppose to be 65* today!!
you knooooow i will be on my bike today ;)

lets talk about friends in the blog world.
i think making 'blog' connections is SO important!

so, today i have two things for you.
and interview & a great blog post.

first up : meet karen!!
[karen and i have been real-life friends for 8 years!]
[we went to college together & both live here in the cities!]
she recently started blogging & i am SO excited to have her here today!

i am wearing fake grillz, which is why i look like my lips are busted ;)
here we go : 

1) who are you/where can we find you/what do you do?
 I'm Karen and I live in Minnesota.  When I'm not working I do lots of crafts, explore the city and forest, and go to shows!

I blog and write about crafts, nature, cooking, crafts, music and things I love!

I also run an Etsy shop where I crochet, bead, and sew accessories.

I'm also on Pinterest (a lot!)

2) tell us a few of your fave sites/blogs/places to find inspiration?
I find inspiration in nature,  lurking blogs & browsing Etsy and Pinterest (of course!).  
I just find it to be a great way to organize all the things I want to do and get new ideas from people. 

Blogs I love : 

 [be sure to check out these blogs & find some new inspiration!]

3) what makes you smile?
My students, family, music, my boyfriend, kitties, flowers, a good beer.

4) best advice you can give someone who wants to create a handmade life?
"Decide what to be and go be it."
-The Avett Brothers

Help others but don't forget yourself.

5) where else can we find you?
 blog // shop // pinterest 

and while we are talking about meeting new friends ; 
head over to my post on revolutionizeher today. i am sharing about simple steps that can boost your readership & make you a better 'blog-friend.'

enjoy the weather & watch out for bikers!!