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Thursday, March 29, 2012

: thrift score thursday! :

happy thursday!!
yesterday, my dad took off work & we spent the day together in the cities.
it was so great.
we walked around the lake & i took him to the new pirates exhibit at the science museum.
my dad is NOT a fan of all the people or the busy-ness of the city ; so to have him come up, was a pretty huge deal.

last weekend, b & i had a few errands to run. we did some spring cleaning & had a few boxes to take donate.
after we donated, we had to go in & see what we could find.

and somebody needed a cart ;)

our total? $15!

we scored : scene it game, 3 shiny easter eggs, 5 candles, 10 puzzles, wooden shoe, golfers nesting doll set, notepad, hula honeys postcard & wooden kids bank.

my parents love golfing [and they actually look like these nesting dolls ; the brown mustache & the blond hair]. so, this will make a great gift for my step-dad. [hes totally the guy nobody knows what to buy him!]

when i lived in europe, i actually bought my mom, aunt & grandma these same shoes with tulips bulbs inside.

anybody else have a box full of items for your yet-to-be-conceieved future human?

and 3 shiny eggs to go in a pyrex bowl with some paper 'grass'. we are all festive up in here ;)