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Friday, March 30, 2012

: project 365 : my week in photos : week 13 :

this week, i decided to take more photos outside.
see, my camera is only a month old & i am still pretty nervous to use it outside of my living room.
rarely do i buy things for myself [other than vegan cupcakes!], so an item as expensive as my camera makes me pretty apprehensive.
BUT my camera met the public this week!

this week : 

we walked along the river & found some great buildings!

we visited the 35w memorial. 
august 1st, 2007, the 35w bridge fell in minneapolis during rush-hour. 13 people were killed and hundreds of folks were injured. this is the memorial they built. each i-beam has the name & story of a person that passed. it is lit day & night. in the background is a quote about strength & a list of all the people that were injured that day.
its by far, one of the most powerful memorials i have ever seen.

green grass & pale feet.

blake overlooking the river.

father-daughter bonding day!! 
my dad & i spent the entire day together in the cities. he doesnt like driving, so i picked him up [90 minutes away!] & we went to the science museum. he loved it & we had a great time. he totally peer-pressured me into having a milkshake [and a nasty tummyache]

bright colored public bathrooms call for photo shoots!

just playing with my settings inside the library.

we had a few free coupons [my favorite kind!] & headed to noodles & co. for an afternoon date. didja know they have vegan options now? AND they offer tofu on the menu! my dish [bangkok curry] was soooo good!

still looking for a [affordable] mothers day gift? or a 'just because' gift for a friend? 
'the 3-day a week vegan' makes a great cookbook. 30 easy & affordable recipes for any type of food palette!

have a great weekend!

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