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Sunday, April 1, 2012

: ask a vegan : week 8 : vegan easter ideas

april means easter.
which means eggs [the chickens!!] + peeps // marshmallows [the gelatin!] + ham [the pigs!!].
oh my.

easter is definitely not the vegan // vegetarian -friendliest holiday around, BUT with a few cute [and easy!] changes, you can teach your family something new, create some fun traditions AND celebrate cruelty-free.

first ; why isnt gelatin veg friendly?
gelatin is created from the bones, skin & organs of animals [that is disgusting!]. a lot of folks [not just vegans!] choose to avoid gelatin.

so lets answer a few of your easter veg questions!
1) what about the ham // egg brunch?
there are *SO MANY* vegan meal options. search around & you can easily find something appealing to all palettes. below are a few of my faves.

and tomorrow, i will be on azias blog sharing my favorite brunch recipe from my cookbook!

2) what about dying eggs?

you know what these are?! 
they are eggnots!
they are dyeable CERAMIC eggs.
they look & feel just like real eggs.
we have a dozen here at home & i am SO EXCITED to share what we did with them ;)

3) what about the marshmallow chicks?
as a kid, my grandma use to give my sister & i entire packs of peeps for easter.
years later, i had a peep-eating contest with an old boyfriend & cant remember ever feeling so nasty in my life.
but now?

sweet & sara makes super cute veg marshmallow bunnies & chicks. [and they taste sooo good!]

4) and, what about the candy?
most candy doesn't qualify as vegan [or nutritionally sound], but i found some candies that would look really fun in an easter basket!

5) so what can you give as a gift // in the easter basket?!

for kids : you can give crayons or paint [clementine is one of my favorite brands!]
outdoor toys, stickers, small puzzles, games & musical instruments.

or for grown friends or relatives?
how about baking them some [vegan] carrot cupcakes. or gifting flower bulbs or easter lilies?

you could give a planting kit [gloves, shovel, pots, seeds] or a gift card to a local health food store // co-op.
enfusia makes lotions, bath bombs + more & they have a super cute easter-themed relaxation gift baskets.

so there you have it!
a list of simple & affordable changes that make a huge difference.
one of my main goals with this series is to give you tools & tips without the pressure.
vegan foods are delicious! the eggnots are amazing [and such a rad idea!]. and natural [&non-toxic] art-supplies are great for all kids.

i think a lot of people think that going vegan [or 'green'] includes tons of crazy [miserable] changes, but i disagree. buying products that benefit your family, the environment and animals is affordable, accessible and fun.

seriously, i cannot get over the ceramic eggs. 
im super excited to share our finished product!

thanks for reading, everybody!
how will you be celebrating easter this year?