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Thursday, April 5, 2012

: business tips ; measuring your online influence + tips for blog sponsoring :

i hope your week is going well. fast? [mine is!]

last year, i wrote a post about klout & you can catch up here.
klout is a [free] online resource that measures your influence. basically ; are people listening and passing on things you say in the online world? when you type, do people listen?

klout measures your influence by a score of 1-100 [the higher the score, the more influence you hold]
and because i write a lot about charities, blogging, crafting & veganism ; i am deemed influential on those topics.

they also have a program called klout perks.
when you are influential in a topic, certain companies will partner with you ; hoping to get the word out about their product.

i came home the other day to find a great perk at my door.
simple skincare sent me a full size moisturizer AND a pack of 25 face wipes.
everything is all natural and VEGAN [!!]. [they are owned by unilever who DOES still use animal testing on *some* products. their full disclosure is here]
if you are looking for something affordable, natural & sustainable, check them out.

klout is a great program & i have gotten to enjoy so many great products. i have gotten a free pack of moo cards, a bottle of one hope wine, bars from two degrees food [LOVE THEM!], free minnesota twins tickets from score big, a discounted bike helmet from left lane sports & free pizza + pizza cutter from home run inn.[their pizza is NOT vegan ; i got two large pizzas & my family enjoyed them!]

i suggest you sign up for klout. not just for the free stuff, but because it has really made me think differently about the way i blog. the best part about blogging is learning new things from others & having them learn new things from you. being a member has really made me more aware of the influence we all hold.

*disclaimer : all of these products were given to me through klout. i was not paid. and everything i have said is from my own brain // experience*

also, you know about revolutionize her, yes?
its a group of self-employed [indie biz] women who blog about tricks, tips & other topics in the world of self-employment.
earlier this week, i wrote a post regarding blog sponsorships ; what you should look for when considering sponsoring blogs. [if we are being honest ; its one of my fave posts i have written!]

see you tomorrow!