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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 38 : dying easter eggs :

last sundays 'ask a vegan' post was *full* of veg-friendly easter ideas!
my favorite product ive found?!
[i wrote about them here]
they are ceramic, dyable easter eggs. they look and feel just like the real thing.

we decided to try three different types of decorating.
1) natural dye from fruits, veggies & spices
2) taped eggs with natural dye
3) chalkboard eggs.

1) natural dye from fruits, veggies & spices.
i found these [1, 2] tutorials which explained exact directions.
we used curry powder [yellow], blueberries [dark blue], beet [light pink] & cabbage [dark red].
[and honestly, look at how beautiful these colors are ; totally natural!!]
after we boiled & cooled the dye juice, i placed one egg in each 1/2 pint canning jar, put a lid on it & let sit for a few hours. [i know with real eggs ; the longer you let the egg sit in the dye, the more vibrant the colors become, but i am not sure if that is entirely true with ceramic eggs]

2) taped eggs with natural dye. i loosely followed this tutorial.
again, i taped up 4 different eggs & submerged each one in juice, in a canning jar.

3) chalkboard eggs.
i found this tutorial. you can make your own chalkboard paint OR buy a can of chalkboard spray paint at a hardware store [mine was $7 & the folks at our hardware store are really great!]

so, how did they all turn out?!?!
well, the natural dye is my favorite. the eggs are light & dreamy. 
the color from the beet  barely stuck to the ceramic ; its a super, super light blush.

the masking tape let some dye in, so its a bit 'swoosh-y' ; but again, i think they turned out really neat. 
the yellow [curry-dyed] might be my favorite.

the chalkboard eggs are fun! i am excited to write fun notes on them & hide them throughout the year for blake.

from left to right : grey//blush = 1 pink beet. mustard yellow = 1 tbsp curry powder. aqua = 1/4 [large] head of cabbage. dark blue = 1 cup blueberries.

i also found this tutorial for dying eggs with silk ties. *note* most vegans are not okay with silk, BUT if you find a few ties while thrifting or at a garage sale, this looks like an awesome project.

fun, right?
this is a great project to do with kids [and adults!!] to show them the natural colors found in food.

do you dye eggs?
would you try eggnots?!