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Saturday, April 21, 2012

: earth day GIVEAWAY! :

happy saturday, folks!
are you celebrating earth day this weekend?!
if youve been here for a while, you know that volunteering & making small steps for the planet is a huge part of blake & i's life. i am *such* a strong believer that no matter your job, your location OR your financial situation, you CAN make a difference in this universe.

today, i have a craft fair all day & am *crossing* my fingers our bikes will be fixed by sunday, so we can ride.
theres a super fun event happening in st. paul for earth day & id LOVE to photograph it ;)

i wanted to do a fun little giveaway today for a few reasons.
1) because its my birthday earth day [duh].
2) to show you a few really fun products we love using in our lives.
3) to say 'thanks' for coming to the blog, commenting, emailing & really making this job, the best i could ask for!!

the goods :
*this giveaway is ONLY open to US folks!*
[sorry, international peeps!]

*1 year subscription to whole living magazine [my FAVE magazine]
*small bag of tortilla chips
*sample of garnier shampoo & conditioner
*3 fun harry potter notecards [cuz you know it feels so good to send // get mail]
*pocket notebook + a few cute vintage dictionary pages
*tomato seeds
*mighty leaf african nectar tea
*eat cleaner fruit & veggie wipe

the giveaway runs for a week & you can enter below.
its through rafflecopter, so you are going to have to click on 'read more' to see the widget.

happy earth day, everybody.
do something beautiful today!!

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